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Shaping the future in Electronics & Additive Manufacturing

Since early 2016, ioTech has been developing a unique disruptive multi-material additive manufacturing technology that can process almost any industry certified material at high resolution and high speed.

For the first time, manufacturers can use their standard industrial materials, control the deposition of each single drop and reach unmatched production yields.

In the field of electronics today, ioTech’s technology enables the production of currently unachievable designs and creates an eco-friendly alternative to many traditional manufacturing methods.

Exceptional Resolution
Any Material

Introducing Continuous Laser Assisted Deposition C.L.A.D.

ioTech’s system has been engineered to be simple and robust, with minimum maintenance. Manufacturing using C.L.A.D.’s breakthrough technology consists of three main steps:

  • Material micro-coating onto a foil
  • Pulse-laser jetting onto the substrate
  • Multi-function inline post-processing.

Coating and jetting include micron precision and continuous closed loop monitoring. The integrated in-line post-processing includes UV and thermal curing as well as laser sintering and ablation, enabling fast production of end-use parts in very high quality, in one production step.

ioTech’s breakthrough technologies are protected by an extensive IP portfolio


Offering Exceptional Benefits
All in One Single System

ioTech’s patented C.L.A.D. technology is the world’s first additive manufacturing solution
for standard industrial materials, enabling full scale digital production.

Original materials
Polymers | Adhesives Metal pastes | Ceramic pastes
Full Freedom of Design
Industrial Productivity
High resolution of up to 20μm
High quality
Less toxicity & less waste

Materials & Electronic Applications


  • Acrylate & Methacrylate
  • Epoxy
  • Silicone
  • Metal paste
  • Solder paste
  • Solder resist
  • Polyurethane
  • Ceramic paste
  • Carbon paste
  • Polyimides

Electronic Applications

  • SMT assembly
  • HDI PCBs manufacturing
  • Conformal coating
  • Adhesives dispensing
  • Interconnect & via filling
  • Advanced packaging
  • Multi-layer wire bonding
  • Gaskets and sealing

Founding team

Hervé Javice, CEO of iotech

Hervé Javice
Co-founder & CEO

Atlas Capital, investment committee & board member; Credit Suisse Financial Products, founder new equity derivative business; ESCP; MBA Harvard University

Michael Zenou, CTO of iotech

Michael Zenou
Co-founder & CTO

Expert in laser assisted deposition; Orbotech, designed first-in-kind copper printer; Israel Nuclear Research Center, researcher Engineer, JCT; PhD Physics, Hebrew University

Our team

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