Unrivalled flexibility in industrial scale material deposition technology showcased by ioTech at productronica


ioTech’s proprietary Continuous Laser Assisted Deposition (C.L.A.D) technology allows the production of “until-now-impossible-to-manufacture” designs

London, November 15th, 2021 – ioTech Group Ltd (“ioTech”) will present the full scale versatility and production flexibility of its io300 Continuous Laser Assisted Deposition (C.L.A.D) printer range at productronica 2021,  Messe Munich, Hall B2, Stand 217, from November 16 to 19. ioTech is nominated for the productronica Innovation Award 2021.

Visitors will be able to see how the technology’s speed, resolution and unique features hold great potential for digital material deposition applications such as semiconductor packaging and advanced printed circuit board production and assembly. The range’s cutting-edge capabilities go well beyond those of traditional technologies:

  • 100% digital: allows for freedom of design and customisation
  • Contact-free: enables deposition on components and non-planar substrates
  • Nozzle-free: deposits high viscosity materials without clogging and with high uptime
  • Dynamic resolution between 20mm and 500mm: delivers even the most complex designs

Key applications on display are:

Industrial Adhesive Deposition: ioTech’s multi-material additive technology is perfectly suited for advanced industrial adhesive deposition. With high linear production speeds of up to1 metre per second, the system’s dynamic resolution can handle complex designs including sharp corners and convex sides.

Industrial Solder Paste Deposition: compatible with most pastes on the market, from type 4 to 7 and above, ioTech’s C.L.A.D. additive technology can consistently dispense 7 million+ drops per hour, securing high productivity. Being mask free, it enables concurrent printing of multi-size features.

Industrial PCB Manufacturing: with high production speeds of just minutes per PCB layer, ioTech’s C.L.A.D additive technology allows total freedom of design. It is ideal for theproduction and prototyping of MLB, HDI and FPC. The multi-material capability supports the deposition of both conductors and dielectrics, delivering perfectly consistent thin layers. ioTech’s flexible laser technology requires no special proprietary inks.

All applications benefit from ultra-fast, highly accurate, high-resolution printing of up to five different materials at the same time, including polymers, metals, ceramics, and solder.

C.L.A.D. deposition technology: a material is dispensed and coated in a micron-thin layer on a carrier foil. It then advances under alaser beam, triggering a nano-second vaporisation which detaches and jets a material drop with micron precision. The system offers inline post-processing options: inspection, thermal and UV-curing as well as laser sintering and ablation.

Hervé Javice, ioTech’s CEO and co-founder comments: “With the io300 product range, we are re-inventing the world of material deposition by improving the speed and resolution for solder pastes, enabling full freedom of design for adhesives, and offering an integrated etching-free process for PCBs. The enthusiastic response from the industry leaders we work with demonstrates that our system meets critical market needs in electronics manufacturing today. With climate change at the top of the world’s agenda, ioTech’s additive technology offers the industry a much cleaner way to manufacture electronics.”

At SEMICON® EUROPA, ioTech is presenting on new advanced packaging technologies (Executive Forum, Hall B2 on 18th November at 17:30).

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About ioTech Group Ltd

Founded in 2016, ioTech is headquartered in London, UK with its R&D activities in Israel. ioTech is a fast-growing venture that has developed the world’s first Continuous Laser Assisted Deposition (C.L.A.D.) technology that can process most standard industrial materials. ioTech’s system can print and combine multiple (flowable) materials at high resolution and at high speed, offering the flexibility of dispensing at the speed of screen printing. With nearly 40 patents, many of them granted, ioTech is a pioneer in Additive Manufacturing innovation. Its deep technology know-how is set to become a key contributor to multiple industries such as electronics, automotive, aerospace, telecom, and medical equipment.

For more information on ioTech’s unique future shaping C.L.A.D. technology, please visit ioTech or click on the video here.

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